Love Magic of I. and our products and wish to sell them within your established retail business?
We currently have over 300+ aligned retailers across the globe selling Magic of I. products alongside many other beautiful products in their physical and online retail stores.
Are you our next stockist? 



> Aligned aesthetics and brand ethos
> Must have a well-established market and audience/customer base 
(sorry no new/unestablished stores)
> Must stock other well-aligned brands
> Unique geographical location to our other existing stockists
> Must be physical retail primarily with online store supplementary
(large scale online stores only are still encouraged to apply)
> Must be your own independent brand and operate as such (no Etsy/Amazon/MLM/Marketplace etc)
> Must have established socials/website/images of retail space and other brands and we feel you are a great fit with our overall ethos and brand!



A wholesale portal with wholesale pricing, MOQ of $250USD on all orders
Exclusive wholesale-specific updates via email.
If you don’t quite meet this criteria but would still like to know how you best align with us - please consider applying for our other opportunities:
If you meet all of our requirements and are feeling it in your soul after reading this - please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch!